Reviews for "Fathom"


I can't get past the first 2 turrets. The screen just turns gray and freezes if I press the mouse button. The turrets just blast me away. The bullets come too fast and too rapidly. I'm a hard-core player, I tried every moneuver and every button on the keyboard, but Its just impossible. It could be that the game code is some how broken on my computer.

I'm honestly getting really sick and tired of these 3 day games that look as though they might have something going for it, but are so incredibly short that it ruins the potential 5 stars that I could have given this. Seriously, what's been going on with Newgrounds lately? Why can't people put TIME and effort into creating a complete game?

This is why I'm seriously considering never coming back to this site ever again.

¿Cómo se supone que voy a pasar esto?
Si solo puede soportar 1 bala y no hay manera de pasar sin comente 2 balas