Reviews for "Fathom"

Perfect and extremely well polished. I would have spent money on this if it were longer.

Great gameplay, great concept, some damn fine pixel art, good sounds, great music! This is game is amazing, just needed some story.

For a 72 hours development you hit the nail oh this one! Kudos!

Definate potential game for a story or just a 2nd one love it but small game so lots of replayability haha

I love it, at first sight it looks like your typical platformer, but the whole "controlling bullets with your mind" thing, makes it stand out from the crowd. seriously, I was feeling like I could not have enough from it. The level is short, but it is great in sense of what one would expect from a tutorial kind of level. it successfully helps the player to familiarize with the basic mechanics of the game, which is always a good thing. By the time I reach the end of the level I was feeling ready to take on greater challenges, but I'm guessing that will be for another time.

In all, great game, very promising gameplay and hoping you are thinking in developing this project further, I can not help but think what it would be to play this game on my phone using my fingers instead of the mouse, why not? flappy bird comes to mind and that was awful and got people's attention's anyways, your game is actually entertaining.