Reviews for "Fathom"

Lovely LD entry, although very, very short.

I really like the graphics, the sceneries look really top notch, like they were made for a commercial 16 bit game, and the playing character looks cool. Everything is pretty sweet looking, and the music is also pretty excellent, it's like electronic and symphonic at the same time in a way that actually works.

The gameplay is pretty inventive, and it kinda gives a sensation of power in a way. You don't have any bullets or weapons of your own, but you can change bullets' directions by clicking to slow down time and dragging them with your mind, basically high speed telekinesis, and I find that idea to be pretty cool. The single level the game contains is pretty cool, and has a few upgrades the player can pick up, like speed boosts, health boosts, shield penetration abilities, making this sort of like a Metroidvania game, but too short to involve any actual backtracking, but there are a few "puzzles" where you have to redirect bullets just right to set yourself free.

My only problems with this game are that, first of all, it's one of those games where it's hard to tell what is the background and what are the platforms, I often jumped on top of things I could swear were in the background by mistake. Second, the game is too short, and all enemy turrets look the same. Sure, that's okay for a Ludum Dare entry, since time restrictions are extremely tight and don't leave much room for adding features and extending the gameplay.


Great concept and artwork, too bad its so short.

a game like this needs to be on steam ^^ well done bro

That was fun, but extremely short...