Reviews for "Fathom"

Given the fact that you did this in such a short time frame is a testament to your skills and creativity. I think the gameplay is rock solid. With a little bit of polish and a bigger world/game, you could have something here. I wonder how this would translate to a mobile platform.

What tools/libraries did you use to help you create this? Flash obviously but Ash Entity Engine, Flixel, etc.? Would love to try my hand at making a platformer

I thought this game was allot of fun i would love to see a bigger game with this setup and more puzzles such as one you put in here good work keep it up

this seems really interesting but the controls are a bit weird... i really feel like it could flow a little more smoothly if you sped up the slo-mo and slowed down the regular speed. The double jump is agonizingly tedious to execute in bullet time, so jumping past the first shielded gun was so frustrating that i lost interest in the game pretty quickly. i'm all for difficult games, but i shouldn't be dying 10-20 times in a row so early on even if i seem to have a checkpoint every few feet, especially when i understand the technique required to pass this obstacle but am unable to execute it due to difficulties with the time manipulation... i think it works out eventually but you could have made the learning curve a bit less steep IMO

that said, i think this has a ton of potential and i agree with everyone who asked for a full length game or sequel. amazing work for only 72 hours.

Moar pls !

Sweet game, creative and fun.