Reviews for "Fathom"

A+ for concept, C- for playability. there is a TON of waiting due to the low-mo and the zoon is frustrating. sometimes i can't see my target or the bullet because of it.

This is actually original, never played a platformer like this one, insanely addictive. Shame it's so short, but impressive for 72 hours! I'm telling you, make this into a full game, and you could make a solid platformer you could sell on steam. I'd buy it.

Very cool mechanic. Took me a while to figure it out. I had to read the description to figure it out. Wonder if there would be any way to teach the mechanic through level design?

The platforms are the same desaturated colors as the background tilemap, which made me confused as how to progress for bit.

-John Mark

Hehey... pretty cool little game you've got there. Too bad it wasn't around when Ludum Dare 32 happened on Newgrounds. I totally would've featured it on my channel. The art style was really well made and the music was enjoyable. I did enjoy the concept of slowing down time and controlling bullets with your mind... but sometime it would go to slow in the slow-motion(kind of ironic). My biggest complaint is that it was too short and had virtually no story to it... I understand that it was made in 72 hours, and for that I say 4.5 stars is pretty good, but could've been more. I did make a small let's play video on it: https://youtu.be/P51VJUVGLPc . All in all a good game, and I'm expecting bigger and better games in the future...

There is a bug that i found. From the point where you take health++ upgrade, when you jump left on th platform and double jump left on the rocks and back double jump right on the top right rock, the character stand on the air and then can walk right on the cliff and jump an infinitive fall!

Other than that, great work although to small. Need more stages.