Reviews for "Fathom"

Fun. Short but sweet.
A little too easy.

This has the potential to be another Braid. I highly encourage the developer to find a way to expand on this, create more levels, more concepts - and port it for XBOX, Steam, etc. Enjoy your money!

Great game, but it's really only the beginning of something great. It's up to the developer to take it further now. Good luck!

A very cool game, I'd like to see it broadened into a larger project, maybe with more enemies and variation in the level design. Overall the feel of the game was awesome, controls worked well, art style was beautiful, sound design fit well, and the core mechanic was very interesting. Bravo!

This is cool. Love the artwork. Different idea in terms of gameplay which makes it interesting. The game does start running a bit slow when the character starts slowing down time, but it was made in 72 hours, so can't wait to see the fixed/expanded upon version!

Make a second. I would love to see a larger game.