Reviews for "Fathom"

I just played this for about 20 minutes straight which is far longer than i play most games on Newgrounds. I think you're onto a winner. Love the art style too.

I thought it was pretty cool! The gameplay is challenging,creative,and intresting

Totally aproved for development... Keep on going, Mr/Ms.! I would love to see the rest of it..

If you ever feel like updating this into something bigger, limit the time power to 4 seconds max with a bar that recharges when you are not using it and give the turrets a charging up animation and sound. That way we dont have to stand there awkwardly wondering when the bullets gonna come out, then have it hit our face as soon we deactivate the power.

Good idea but lacking execution.

This really needs to be developed. Good game, fantastic for a 72hr dare. My one critique would be that perhaps the powered time doesn't need to be QUITE so drastically slowed. It was so slow that it felt like the gameplay was bogging down.