Reviews for "Fathom"

Wow, What an incredible game, I really enjoyed the whole concept, the art, the difficulty, I am really looking forward to the further development. This is something I would honestly pay money for, a great job all around, and made from scratch in only 72 hours? You sir are truly incredible. Keep up the great work, and you honestly deserve all the credit you're getting from this!

I really think this game is great but there is something bothers me which is the game is a bet crashy is it normal or is it just me ? other ways the game is Great O.o

I super loved this game. I really dug the concept and I actually think it was executed very well. The character's movements are tight enough to be precise with your jumps but also floaty allowing the player to really play around with the systems. I really dug the little touches like the static whenever you either stop time or die and the little crackling sounds that accompanied it. Those really made me feel like I was tapping into an other worldly power. The pixely aesthetic was cool and I really liked the bright and vibrant colors of the world I was in.

On the whole, I feel like this game has a lot of potential. For instance, the story here is very cryptic and where most games on here use cryptic as a way to mask the lack of story, I think there's a lot to be done with here like exploring the character, how they got their magical powers, who's setting up all those turrets, and just where the heck they are. I think the mechanics could be expanded too like adding different types of turrets and expanding on the character's powers. I really dig how the turrets were implemented in some scenarios leading to some simple puzzles and I'd really like to see that mechanic expanded upon in particular with the addition of new types of enemies.

In short, if you can do this in 72 hours I can't wait to see what you come up with. You have yourself a new fan.

Controls take a little getting used to, being a new game mechanic and all, but this is GREAT, especially for a Ludum Dare game. Played it through twice and defeated almost every puzzle differently the second time (who knew there was a bubble-penetrate power-up!? Almost makes it too easy). But, well, I broke it during the second play through as well. With speed boost and double jump you can go over the wall to the right of the health boost and fall forever.

Really great job, though. I see people calling for a 'longer' game but really what this game play deserves is just a very large open world, imho.

Please!!!!Make an other one a lot longer!!
This game is amazing,So there must be a sequel!