Reviews for "Shapes - Episode 6"

lol, wasn't expecting that at all! Positively surprised it was more than a fart joke. :P Nice idea.


sadakab responds:

Haha everyone expected an explosive fart

Very Very good sir.

Good on ya for not taking the easy route and making it a fart joke

Slow down there Jim, your on ...... fire? Seriously though, don't go burning out of ideas. It is one thing to go out in a blazing glory. It's another to fizzle out, don't want you to be the next big rocket only to be a dud. You're tossing these out like hotcakes off the griddle. Got to be careful you know, don't want to get burned here. So many stars shinning bright on Newgrounds only to die out after their first few steps. But yeah, do not go turning into Explosm, though it would be great for you to get to that point but it would also mean you leaving Newgrounds for Youtube.

Ten episodes season one, by chance are seasons quarterly where you come from? Because that's great for us viewers! These are like tic tacs. Great for a minute then there gone and you want another. 5/5 simple short sweet. Sometimes the best ideas or creations are the little ones.