Reviews for "AEP's Final Blow ~1~"


Bruh this was so unexpected! good thing u are NDP for real. but this is shit as hell! da drums remind me of me cuz thats hw makes drums bleed too. lol and u got Reason 3.0. i want dat badly cuz FL dont hv dat much sound at all!! :( but u jumped up dawg!!^ maybe well collab in da future Fury!

b ezy fam

NDP 4 Lyfe!!!

Fury responds:

i dont even remember FL now hahahaha
anyways yeah
keep it up bro


Thats Shit Was Fire

Ay, man i'm bout to freestlye off this beat and put it on my demo, and if i go pro son like i know i will ill send props 4 this, cause this is the endin beat i been waitin 4

U got it right...

While u was gone... Cajete eliminated dem niggas. with THIS very melody... this is an attack with u AND Cajete, a LETHAL COMBINATION. I'm a big fan dawg... HEIR 2 DA THRONE!!!!!!
Fuck Dat *KingKaJete* and *FaceOfFuRy*
I personally Knighted y'all niggas. NOW Y'ALL ARE *KingKaJete* *FaceOfFuRy*
really nigga u aint fury no mo... u upgraded to Rage... ^_~
-Just a Bigg(literally and from the heart) Ass Fan.

Usin This

Yo man me and my bros are usin this for a lil video we're doin for a cabin trip we're goin on...when i heard it i let my friends listen and we all agreed its the shit so when we're done which is like may ill let you listen to what we come up with...payce

Using this!

Im using this in my next rap... you have the best beats on here....

mad props....