Reviews for "AEP's Final Blow ~1~"

U got it right...

While u was gone... Cajete eliminated dem niggas. with THIS very melody... this is an attack with u AND Cajete, a LETHAL COMBINATION. I'm a big fan dawg... HEIR 2 DA THRONE!!!!!!
Fuck Dat *KingKaJete* and *FaceOfFuRy*
I personally Knighted y'all niggas. NOW Y'ALL ARE *KingKaJete* *FaceOfFuRy*
really nigga u aint fury no mo... u upgraded to Rage... ^_~
-Just a Bigg(literally and from the heart) Ass Fan.

Using this!

Im using this in my next rap... you have the best beats on here....

mad props....

really nice

i love the drums they go really good with the melody you put ya own style to it
just the kicks could be a little harder

its good to hear that you still doin your thing

keep it up man