Reviews for "AEP's Final Blow ~1~"


Bruh this was so unexpected! good thing u are NDP for real. but this is shit as hell! da drums remind me of me cuz thats hw makes drums bleed too. lol and u got Reason 3.0. i want dat badly cuz FL dont hv dat much sound at all!! :( but u jumped up dawg!!^ maybe well collab in da future Fury!

b ezy fam

NDP 4 Lyfe!!!

Fury responds:

i dont even remember FL now hahahaha
anyways yeah
keep it up bro


Now this is hiphop

This is amazing hiphop and it is good. I can imagine i for a movie I'm thinking to make. I mean a real one not a flash. One to put on the net.

Thats Shit Was Fire

Ay, man i'm bout to freestlye off this beat and put it on my demo, and if i go pro son like i know i will ill send props 4 this, cause this is the endin beat i been waitin 4

welcome back bruh

yo just saying its gd to see u back man keep yall shit up holla hollaholla =.=

djstyles peace

Using this!

Im using this in my next rap... you have the best beats on here....

mad props....