Reviews for "AEP's Final Blow ~1~"

Why is this song so low???

This is a good one, It seems like this AEP is fuel for a lot of people's fire, and this is excellent. 5/5

Thats Shit Was Fire

Ay, man i'm bout to freestlye off this beat and put it on my demo, and if i go pro son like i know i will ill send props 4 this, cause this is the endin beat i been waitin 4

really nice

i love the drums they go really good with the melody you put ya own style to it
just the kicks could be a little harder

its good to hear that you still doin your thing

keep it up man

Now this is hiphop

This is amazing hiphop and it is good. I can imagine i for a movie I'm thinking to make. I mean a real one not a flash. One to put on the net.

Damn it....

Damn man... I put myself down when I hear what yall is makin'...

This is amazing... great remix man... Im truly speechless....

Just 1 thing I gotta say...

WHY THE FUCK IS EVERYONE USING MY MELODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMFAO hahaha j/k

damn im a famous ass nigga or sumthing.

lol fury good shit mayne keep it up nigga, you rocking NG!


Fury responds:

you gotta get that keyboard quick and start usin reason fully lol :P
i did so good on this :D