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Reviews for "Luke Deluxe"

I liked the first version. This is even better!

Great pickup line on the last scene, might use that later in real life.
The game is actually pretty easy but... getting to the "hidden" bar, now that's the tricky part. I KNOW THERE'S SOMETHING FISHY THERE but my goddamn brain always makes me forget to check it....

And the mouse colour-changing ability when there's something clickable is actually pretty hard to see. It left me rapidly clicking around the scene waiting for something to happen. Could you use some other more seeable colour? Like red for example.
And to be honest.. This game is actually... um.. it has a pretty dark theme. And some scene has some mild-adult themes. I'm going to point out the scene when Luke's squirting ketchup at Alexis and Damien.

[Autofocus activated]
[zooming in into Alexis' face and bewbz]

...................It might be my perverted mind's doing, though.............

And the last scene is pretty disturbing... with those dark themes, black void background and execution thingy. Alexis looks like she has lost her sanity, being tied like that in the swimming pool. Still a nice game by the way.

Overall, 4 score for me. I would be happy if you're actually reading this and considering this. Sorry for my bad grammar, and have a nice day, sir. :)

This remake is funnier due to more funny dialogues and poetry. Also, like in all latest games by Carmel/Deathtiger, there is an animated cursor. This is why it deserves half a star more. But the main plot problems are not fixed - why is Luke following Alexis orders if she is not blackmailing him? Can't he just walk away?

I'm sorry for being bias, but the cheesiness turned me off before I got very far, the game was too slow and full of stall, and it seems like there's too much walking about instead of having a good eye and finding items.

would be better but the singing was so annoying haha