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Reviews for "Luke Deluxe"

This game is so funny! The ending was great

I love when they break into song XD

Looks like you're back to the more elaborate and severely entertaining quests! :D The whole I-don't-want-to-get-married thing seems very remniscent of some of these other adventures, but it was all presented in the best way possible, with a happy ending and a real classy pick-up line (or lack there-of) to boot. The story's just getting better and better for each revision. ;) Nice game!


I liked the first version. This is even better!

This remake is funnier due to more funny dialogues and poetry. Also, like in all latest games by Carmel/Deathtiger, there is an animated cursor. This is why it deserves half a star more. But the main plot problems are not fixed - why is Luke following Alexis orders if she is not blackmailing him? Can't he just walk away?