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Reviews for "Electric Feel Eel"

Nice colours

An interesting portrayal of an Electric eel, with a whole gamut of colours and a very menacing looking face to compound it. To be honest, you might be better served by using the Morray Eel (Brightly coloured, tropical eel), or the Conger Eel, which can grow to 3m in length and be very nasty customers, with massive teeth and violent tendencies etc.

I like the way that you have portrayed the background, with a "Newgrounds aura" style, possibly in the hopes of making it into a level icon at some point. It works well, but I wouldn't recommend it for that purpose. Still, the use of bright colours against a menacing looking silhouette is very nice and workable, especially when the piece in question appears to have a series of lights running along it's sides.

I think that the additional thoughts of adding a length of fins is getting it a little away from the Eel family, but that's evolution for you, I suppose. As a result, poetic licence comes into play and gives a very pleasing effect to be used.

[Review Request Club]

Good picture

I really like the light effects here, especially the one in the eye. It gives the fish a very dangerous look. Or is it the sharp teeth that makes this fish so dangerous? Ah well, propably a mixture of both aspects.

Anyway, the colouring is done very nice as well. All colours go along pretty well with each other, there's no colour that stands out in a negative way.

However, I think you could've done a bit more with the background, maybe some other fishes there, or some sea plants... because right now the background looks a little bit boring.

{ Review Request Club }

Pretty Cool!

I thought the mix of colors was a very good idea and made it look very cool! I can even say that it was the best part of it! Oh yeah, if you are wondering why you are getting some much good reviews lately and that the bottom of your new reviews say "Review Request Club", I recommended it for the club in the BBS (You can just guess the club name) Sorry that I didn't ask for permission though but anyways, back to the review....

I thought the blur on the eel's body was cool and so was the transparency in the colors and the thing on top of body. (Please tell me what that is called!) The background was OK too but wasn't bad since you probably would care more for eel itself :P.

I also liked the style of art you put into it to make that new 2010 and 2009 art feeling in USA. It's also cool how the body would just be plain black without all of the colors and lights and stuff so it is original too!

I don't have much to say about this but I thought it was very good work and I think you should work on adding a little bit more things to it even though it is fine but yeah, I thought it was pretty good!

{Review Request Club}

bloody brilliant

I am so glad I am using a double-monitor right now with this picture enlarged on one screen and writing a review on the other. Anyway, like Fro mentioned, the mix of colors is definitely making this look amazing to say the least.

I would not change anything about this but I am pretty sure some smug will come in and let you in on how they think otherwise.

P.S- I hate MGMT (dont ask, they are overrated and over-played) but still love this picture and do not mind the reference

[Review Request Club]

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You have recommended this user!

You may only have two pieces of art, but I still recommended you to the art portal. (Even though you need 4 pieces of art to become scouted and everything)

So what do we have here? Do you like fishsticks? Well your a gay fish. WE HAVE A GAY FISH HERE. No way is this fish gay looking. In fact it looks pretty dangerous with them razor sharp teeth there.

The mix of black and lighter colors give it a feeling of electricity for sure. I also get that small feeling that it would invite others in with it's bright colors just to tear them apart. It has that evil look to it.

I don't have anything to critique this on. It looks awesome and I really loved the colors that you used. *Adds to favorites to go along with the praise*

~ Review Request Club ~