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Reviews for "A Depressed Whale"

It's gotta be said, when I woke up this morning, I was not expecting to see filmcow in the newgrounds top five, and my favorite one at that!

Could it be? FilmCow on newgrounds? will our lord plulax be joining us? will we get a new unicorn video this year? (does tricorn counts as an unicorn video?)

Love the clasics XD ferrets next? Didn't you have a newgrounds account before?

Ha! That is an akaward- funny humor! This is a very hard humor to master, and you sir have done it! Well done! The animation was good too. It was awesome!!!

The corruption of these underwater dwellers always baffles me.

This was amazing. I absolutely loved the plot twists in it. The voice acting, animation, and originality? Phenomenal. I probably laughed for like 2 minutes straight after watching this. Absolutely fantastic job FilmCow!