Reviews for "Cosmic Fire"

Marvelous! Why upon searching your "Dumpload", never came across this? This isn't something that should be hidden from the wonderful world of VGM lovers. THIS! Belongs on the front page, regardless of it's age! Just seen you post a metal rendition of this piece, and decided to come have a listen...figured since you're an artist that I follow...I woulda seen this piece WAYYY before hand.

Lets just say that everything sits perfectly for the VMG mix/mash-up. Really takes me back to 16-bit gaming, and that brings back MANY memories. Every play Dynamite Headyy on the sega? This gives a crispier rendition to the type of music that game offered, and that earned you 5 starts instantly. I read a few of the other reviews, and while the points they make are valid, they don't exactly sit well with a VGM track. VGM music doesn't need to be perfect when its custom, or when it's an original piece!

Love the upbeat, love the melody, and for sure as hell love the nostalgia it brings me.
To-Date, your talents have far exceeded this work and I'd love to see more of this come out of you! Please, check your inbox. I have an interesting piece you might enjoy taking a crack at in terms of a unique rendition/twist on. Trust me, it's literally RIGHT up your alley :-)

AWESOME i rlly love it tho but dunno why it does like super mario galaxy :/ but i liked it alot!!!! :DDDDDDDDD

the best song EVER

DanJohansen responds:

Hahah thanks man!

OMG cant stop listening to it! Its so great :D

DanJohansen responds:

Thx dude! Glad you enjoy it :D

I'm starting hyping you dude.
I think you can think yourself what my opinion of your song is mate.
"It stands in the stars"

Felt like I'm driving the rainbow road in Mario Kart again but with waaaay more fancy music

DanJohansen responds:

Hahaha Mario Kart, I haven't played that for a long time, it would be fun to play that a bit right about now. The SNES release!