Reviews for "Defend US! 2"

i think am going to beat you because is es or not and good game and pixel art

This game has a terrible memory management. After surviving to the wave 40 in survival mode (I could not play further because of the lag) the plugin container of my Firefox is storing data for a total of nearly 4,5 GB. Also the game even made the browser stop responding several times.

This is a very decent TD but I fear it is not really great, there are MAJOR flaws (I'm really bringing this up because it was released '15 so there was PLENTY of TD to play and assimilate features from). Plusses and minuses are as follows.

(+) HUGE variety of tower - 17 turrets, which can be upgraded as well.
(+) Nice simple graphics and sound effects, but BGM can become boring after many time.
(-) Variety won't cut it - Most turrets are BOGUS and won't synergize well with others. As in: You won't need to build more than 2 or 3 different turrets to beat any level - Multibarrel is one of them, and the best turret IMHO as it balances out DPS and multiple targeting. Others are never built at all and feel like they aren't even needed.
(-) Enemies are almost always dealt the same way: There was no need to build most turrets. Most of them should have an immunity/bonus/etc that makes EVERY turret relevant to a point.

well done

esta muy bien que tenga opcion para espaƱol, genial!! :D