Reviews for "Fay - MOM"

I recognize this blonde headed kid from your other previous submissions.

You already have an established style recognizable as your own calling card.

I noticed that you have recycled some animation from a previous submission as a time saver.

The results was still an entirely new movie.

Sometimes past movies can be effective to assist with new animations.

Your character had a cute design.

The look is very simple in style.

The character's mother is a dying washing machine style robot.

The movie was very strange and had a very warped sense of humor.

This movie would have been perfect to upload on mothers day.


willcamick responds:

I know right! I was working on it on mothers day but got side tracked. Thanks for the review ^_^

I mean I dunno, you really, I mean really improove that animation!

Errmm... kay?

willcamick responds:

Errmm... kay Indeed ^o^ Thank you so much for the stars. YOU ROCK!

fits with the humor and culture of new grounds 3 stars from me and this should pass judgement

willcamick responds: