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Reviews for "Moto x3m"

Fun little game :)

One bug: When choosing a level from the menu, after completing the game, the rendering page does not stop, this does not happen every time, but often enough to be annoying.

One snag: The tank on level two, I think, on the first run through it stopped moving, had to restart the level for it to work.

Fun game. The only frustration with it is most of the time there is very little warning when you must stop (Like the tank) and you die because of it.

I love motobike games in general, but this one was something out of the ordinary! The obstacles aren't the usually rock, log and staticshapes you need to overcome, but rather dynamic, rolling, shooting, moving objects, barricades, spikes and spinning razors and all type of lethal objects, and the landscapes themselves are part of the challenge, curving in all directions, even looping and overall all but plain. Great game! And thanks for the medals.


Great bike game! A bit laggy on my PC, but I'm at work, so no complain! XD
Even though this game isn't exactly original, it's still refreshing and entertaining.
Only problem I went through is, while going back to certain levels to complete the all stars medal, the game got stuck at the "rendering" page and never got out... It was still way worth it! Good job!

Great music, Great sound effects! , one minor thing.. the man says "Woopie" even when he's getting hacked to bits by a saw.
I very much enjoy the big puzzle challenge at the very beginning! Then the rest of the race is focused on time.
The levels are fast and take a lot of time, which is great!

Thanks, I enjoyed this! You sir are a genius of the motor-cross games.