Reviews for "Moto x3m"

i kill him(hara kiri)

Fun and addicting , creative levels , love the sounds. Like the zooms of camera .

Very good !!

Super fun game!! Seamless responsive interaction, the developer who put this together did a fantastic job.

The graphics are on point, love the interactive components as well, it makes you want to engage everything to see the result.

Amazing job putting this together, thank you for contributing to me blowing off half my workday so I could see the game through to the end.

Continually breathtaking, often brilliant, never boring.

The best bike racer I've come across. It is a triumph of simple game design. Each level is a delight--challenging, direct, and fast! The checkpoint system mitigates any possible frustration that would cause someone to leave the game in disgust.

Enough reviewing, I'm going to keep playing!

Great music, Great sound effects! , one minor thing.. the man says "Woopie" even when he's getting hacked to bits by a saw.
I very much enjoy the big puzzle challenge at the very beginning! Then the rest of the race is focused on time.
The levels are fast and take a lot of time, which is great!

Thanks, I enjoyed this! You sir are a genius of the motor-cross games.