Reviews for "Potion Shop"

I absolutely loved it! This is by far one of the best animations I've ever seen! Keep it up ^-^

This is so cute!
Visually it looks like a storybook in motion which seemed very fitting for the fantasy setting.
It's nice to see something that isn't violence and dick jokes every once in a while and this was quite a treat, bravo and well done!

This is beyond awesome. I really love the art style, character design and overall story being told. The music went perfectly with the piece and the animation was great. I'm really glad I checked this out as it instantly got added to my favorites list. I hope you got top marks for this and I really hope we see more stunning work from you in the future.

Very emotive.

Well done.

Loved the animation, the style and the wonderful tune. Nice story and expression of feelings! A rare piece of art that you don't find everyday.