Reviews for "Potion Shop"

Absolutely wonderful! The colors are just a pleasure to look at as the blend so well together and create such a stunning background. The animation is smooth and very fluid and well timed. The character designs are very reminiscent to that of old-school anime and video games but with a new twist on it and the music, composed none other by Toby Fox who's shown before to compose some pretty great musical tracks, is absolutely wonderful to listen to. In all honesty you put a lot of work into this. I honestly would love to see some more work from you in the future.

Absolutely fantastic. I was wondering who would have the creativity and talent to make this until I saw that none other than Temmie Chang was the animator, with Toby Fox making the music. You guys never cease to amaze!

Utterly amazing, the best i have seen in a while in terms of beauty and frame execution, bravo!


I give this animation a TEM out of TEM

thank you! you made my day : ))))