Reviews for "Potion Shop"

Very nice! Music reminded me of an old gen games :))

Made me cry. The music got me hard.. Love this so much!

a true heartwarming story and animation. the graphics were pleasing to look at, the animation motion were similar to the classic anime style they had in 90's and the music was fenomenal and a perfect touch for the mood, alittle tricky and witchy. heck, it had me at tears trouch atleast half of it.

i don't really see how it could improve, even the flaws were charming to the point where they're not really flaws at all. incase you're wondering, im refering to some of the points where, like the dragons outline were alil wobly, but again that was no bother in this type of animation.

keep it up, i rarely see something as good as this anymore :D a clear 5/5

Love this. Its in my favorites now.

Wonderful movie with wonderful colors.
And I couldn't help but "D'AAAAAW" at the cute sounds the baby dragon made.