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Reviews for "[Tsets] - Zombies"

I believe in being brutally honest with reviews so let's jump right in! Here's my honest take-away...

You're right, definitely a headphones kinda song. That's some mean bass right there (I mean that in a good way of course.) I did found it hard to hear the bass at times, but this was solved by turning the volume WAY up. Nothing wrong with that really, it's actually a very good song to listen to at a high volume. The other instruments sound good, some nice synths in there. The song has a smooth, haunting sound to it, and I'm sure that's what you were going for based on the tags. It has a nice Parasite Eve sort of vibe (PS1 game.) It'd be a great ambient piece for a survival horror game like that. Another thing I'll touch on are the fantastically woven-in sound effects. Really. hats off to you, because they fit absolutely perfectly!

With all that said, I give your song a rare 5-star rating. I don't have any criticisms big enough to give it anything less. I really enjoyed it! :-)


TsetsukenMusic responds:

Being brutally honest is one of the best styles of reviews in my book. :P

I'll start my response by saying thank you very much. I highly appreciate it and quite frankly wish more people put as much thought/effort into reviewing as you have!
The bass is not a hard fix at all - maybe a slight bass boost and additional EQ could solve that problem easily. I do agree with you though, nothing wrong with turning the volume WAY up! Smooth and haunting is pretty much the theme I was looking to make with this song, so you hit it right on the nail. I'm really happy you enjoyed it because I really enjoyed making it. I don't think I've ever played Parasite Eve, going to have to go check it out sometime!

If reviews had a rating system I'd give you a 5/5 as well!
Thank you!!

This is reminiscent of the 'title-track' you have posted elsewhere on your account. I like it; this sounds to me like an in-game menu theme, or settings, or save game screen etc. I like the piano and snappy drum sounds; in the midst of the layered pads they add a degree of very effective creepiness necessary of a zombie game!


TsetsukenMusic responds:

This is the original Zombies track I made at first, the other ones kind of spawned from this because it really hit the nail with creepiness and zombie atmosphere and I wanted to try different styles with similar sounds and they all came out pretty well.

Thank you again!!