Reviews for "Princess Protector"

I like the story, graphics, Dialogue and scenes! Kept me playing a while.

Just annoyingly difficult. Nobody likes escort missions to begin with. But the princess needs to be way too close to you to follow you. I managed to make it to the boss but I have to give up now. It's hard even to tell if you're dealing him damage. And when I manage to lay a hit on him, I've always taken multiple hits just to do that. I'd have to grind way too much for max health upgrades and games shouldn't make you grind.

Good potential, but a lot of poor design. Too many jumps are way too exact if you want to avoid damage. some of those walls with spikes on top are like piranha plants that never go back in the pipe.

Also, there was a fatal glitch in the outdoor room with two buttons, the one that leads into the final castle. The middle button just glitches you out and kills you, and then you have to go way back to your last save point.

xcmn responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Very much appreciated.

--A lot of the annoyance could be mitigated had I implemented auto-save on every screen, as Tom suggested. But I couldn't get that to work.

--Thanks for catching that glitch, TharosTheDragon!

--Nice job getting to the boss! You're right. It's less than obvious when you hit him. He plays a noise and tints green, but I should have made him flash white and a play a louder noise.

To kill him, you must only attack when he stand on the left or right side of the screen. Jump over the third fireball and tag him. It takes 9 hits! After 5 hits he becomes stronger so watch it!

It bothers me that he can only be safely attacked in 1 out of 3 of his patterns. But this was my first boss design, ever. I think it's good enough. You just have to watch his patterns and only attack him when he's on the ground.

Thanks again for the feedback! It really helps to hear this stuff.

This game is ok the graphic style is pretty good, but unfortunately you can't go back and forth between the different sections of the level I was at first, but now I can't this is the only reason for the 2 1/2 stars

xcmn responds:

Initially it was set up so you could go back between the scenes but I disabled this because of a bug I ran into in the later levels. Also, to prevent coin-farming.

unplayable. buggy┬▓ wasted potential, sorry

xcmn responds:

It's cool. This was my first published game and a tremendous learning experience. Please elaborate on the bugs you encountered, I'd like to know.

Way to buggy. Very often controls get stuck.