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Reviews for "Walk Home"

I like the art and controls were easy.

its fun but sometimes the game lags when you are attacking and you lose life...

Xevozfighter responds:

Okay. Thanks for letting me know.

I enjoyed the art, especially the unique death animations for each enemy! The use of vocals was also a nice touch. I wasn't sure how to beat the ninja, I can get to him with a lot of health and then he tears me down fast. It's tough to start from the very beginning afterwards and have to get to the ninja again, since your character moves slowly... Maybe some sort of checkpoint there?

Xevozfighter responds:

Thanks for the input. My friends and I are probably going to update it after the judging.

Not bad...not bad. Beat it on the first try and the ninja almost took me out. I'm sure there could be more features added to this game.

the clown takes 3 hearts to swing at.. die on the 2nd set of clown everytime I do ok. Then I made it past... so the ninja is probably more than a match for me, he not a very agile old fart afterall. Graphics are neat. Music is annoying as it repeats in about 2.5 seconds.