Reviews for "Sneaky Ranch Day 9"

To be honest, big fan of Point and Click games. This one in particular,though easier from some of the content I've seen from you, was very enjoyable. I personally love how every little thing you do gets the ranch in tip top shape. I will continue to wish you luck in making more games Selfdefiant.

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it. I will try to keep making them the best I can!

I want the GOLDEN EGG!

I think this may be one of your longest series. Good job, great fun.

Why is there a golden egg under one of the chickens?

Still loving this series. This one had the fewest errors yet. The only one I discovered was the irrigation system still says it needs a hose after the hose is in place. One question, though I can imagine where you're going with it, what happened to the old woman running the general store? Great job, keep them coming!