Reviews for "4:30am on Tuesday"


The guy looks funny', look at those eyes!

ToonHole responds:

haha, you should see him naked


Ah caricatures will always have a special place in my heart. I love his beady lil' eyes.

ToonHole responds:

the better to see you with, my darling!

good lord

i love this
it really shows how wonderful and great watercolours can be
its such a great style and the line art is sexy as well
the way the size of the line art changes is sexy and i dig the highlight on his hair and the shiny lips
sigh i suck at writing reviews but i love this where the hell is the add to favourites button on newgrounds- i just need to fav this one

your very good!!!

But that is VERY creepy... imagine that comes up to you in an alleway...


I imagine your friends are mad when they notice that u put this up?