Reviews for "4:30am on Tuesday"


Really good job. How much would you want for a caricature? I is interested

ToonHole responds:

Yufgoi5: i'm doing caricatures to fundraise for my first live action film. $50 color ones, and $30 ink b/w portraits. WOOHOO! If you want more details, message me!

Love it

How much are you asking for a caricature?

ToonHole responds:

Eternal SOUL! jk, i messaged you. you rule, CURIOUSER!


I think you're friend's gonna be mad that you made him look like he was masturbating...


ToonHole responds:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you can see the light of his monitor

great exclent

i love it this 1 of the best on here

ToonHole responds:

thanks man. i gotta hand it to you tho; one of the best reviews on here. you rule RICHBOY23!

it is

AMAZING,bro. i love every single part of it. but does your friend really have all those bumps on the right part of his forehead? what is that shit?

ToonHole responds:

HAHAHA no he doesn't have those. I'm doing UGLY portaits for my friends, where I'm trying to make them gross as possible. i'd like to think that's a herpes mindfield, but buboes and cysts would also be acceptable answers