Reviews for "4:30am on Tuesday"

great job

nice work. Whats it colored with? Paint? Acrylic is...?


even though very few people voted on it, this is defienetly a 5.

ToonHole responds:

you are awesome!

wow nice!

love it! colour use is awesome.
btw 4,444 views i feel special now. only 77 votes though? whats up with that!

ToonHole responds:

4,444! you're the new messiah!

yeah, i wish more people voted

Great style

Looks like Edmund McMillen!

(Very unique, though)

ToonHole responds:

haha, ed is a loveable young scamp, but this is my buddy and colossal cartoonist ryan kramer! now he's famous! look out world

Hard to judge a caricature.

Without a photo of the original, a caricature is hard to judge.
(Of course, photo's can't be uploaded on Newgrounds... but perhaps an inset?)

That said, on its own, it's an interesting drawing.
... though a bit on the disgusting side, heh.

ToonHole responds:

poop. maybe i'll upload the caricature and ref into my art forum post that i have running. great idea, thanks Kreivik!