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Reviews for "Great: The Show episode 2"

Made me laugh, thats enough for a 4 star, no?

So much random! XD Great stuff.


I don't understand British humor. Too much random.

Schizophrenia simulator


I enjoyed the first one, though, this one was a little bit gaudy humor wise. I understand that there's a latent, satirical meaning to these cartoons and they therefore have more substance than "lolsorandom," though, the way that you went about this one made that unclear. I feel that this one just didn't deliver.

Good art as always, though. I feel that the character modeling was an iota too sloppy in the first segment, though. I know that it is and always has been your thing to go for a bit of a John K. flavor in your cartoons and thought that it was fine throughout most of the cartoon, (I thought the lack of proportional consistency in Danielle's part of the cartoon carried the charm well, for instance) though, there's an extent at which it's to the detriment of the cartoon and I'd opine it was crossed a bit there. Definitely a bit of a nitpick, though, I think it is something to be mindful of.