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Reviews for "Anita Sarkeesian Is Offended"

Felt more like a long-winded comic.

Ugly as fuck animation but it probably was intentional. Good message all around for such a cuntbag of a woman. Here's hoping she gets cancer! :D

The anatomy wasn't really good and the animation wasn't really the best. But I did like the shading and detail put into this. Also loved the humor in this while it was satirically correct. The white knight should've have been Johnathan Mcintosh.

Pretty damn funny, you missed on the opportunity to give the white knight a fedora and a neckbeard, though.
The voices may need some work but that could've been the microphone's fault.

Better late to the party than never. Most people have seen through her childish bullshit for years now, it's only the self-loathing liberals and women who have sadly been either too damaged or too misled by other whackjobs that still think she has any valid points. Those who think being offended by anything and everything, all while making far more offensive and bigoted statements than any of the things they're complaining about, have fragmented society and kept people separate for years now. Sarkeesian is just another in a long line of professional victims who, ironically, are only given the time of day BECAUSE of their self-imposed disadvantage rather than because of it. The sooner her idiocy disappears from public consciousness, the better.

Rant over, animation is decent and funny.