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Reviews for "Anita Sarkeesian Is Offended"

I love this. There needs to be more Gamergate related shit here on Newgrounds.

I have to correct you on one thing though. Feminism is NOT about equality and most likely never was. Just take a look at Karen Straughan's videos to find out the truth. Anita Sarkeesian's brand of feminism is actually the norm while Christina Hoff Sommers' brand of feminism is so ridiculously rare among the feminist population that it's not even funny.

lol who takes anita sarkeesian seriously? there are innocent young girls beaten half to death, sold, trafficked and exploited all around the world in real life and the crazy bitch is more concerned about how women are depicted in pop culture than the real issue at hand, she's not a real feminist, she's a just a fucking joke trying to scam people of their money

Amazing vid dude, and the idea is powerful. feminists like anita really annoy me dude. i dont think women are inferior in any way(like most anti-feminists ), but when women like her just spout her nonsense just to get attention and say all things men do is evil thats just wrong. nice vid and i hope to see more like it in the future.

Anita has gone on record of saying that feminism is not about giving women individual choices. She states it's a collective mentality to serve women. Basically she's saying women might not choose to do what she thinks is best, so let feminism choose for them.

We at #GamerGate were never at war with women or feminists. We are fighting a handful of authoritarian loonies.

Love the last statement!