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Reviews for "Anita Sarkeesian Is Offended"

That gamergirl with the strong jawlines is my current cartoon crush. Even if the animation isn’t top notch the writing was very well put together and the art is unique too. Looking back this is animated pretty well for a cartoon with minimalist animation.

I like the idea

So I like the idea here the animation was notbad it was pretty entertaining for what it was but the artwork itself needed some more effort and pushed the limits a little so besides that this was notbad at all on this piece but do think about improving on the artwork here it's a nice piece though

The artwork of course


lmao. very cute! i've said it before and i'll say it again, the fact that Anita believes men are INCAPABLE of distinguishing between real life and a video game is the most compelling evidence we have...

that she is extremely incredibly sexist.

Good stab at Anita Sarkeesian, but the art was ugly. To be honest, the art was so visually unappealing I had to scroll down for the majority of the video. The animation needs work as well. Good effort, unappealing execution.

Pretty damn funny, you missed on the opportunity to give the white knight a fedora and a neckbeard, though.
The voices may need some work but that could've been the microphone's fault.