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Reviews for "Overcome panic attacks!"

Thoughtful video, and a good way to deal with panic attacks for the vast majority of us. Thank you for sharing. I am also glad that you, in your own way, testify to Our Lord's love.

The animation is good, and the sound and mixing are wonderful. Nothing to complain about here. The advice is sound, and it is most certainly the kind of advice that I and many others would appreciate -- not only do I suffer from panic attacks, but I also know of friends who suffer from panic attacks.

My main point of contention, for which I might have to dock off one star, is that some of us deal with panic attacks because of things that currently are the case (I have not got the gift of putting things in words, so I beg your pardon). For instance:


Imagine someone who is desperate, homeless and on the street. He panics because while he may be used to such a life, he is scared that he won't get any food for the afternoon, or that people would see him as a scourge on their otherwise 'perfect' population.

The 21-second rule, when applied to him, will not work, because the source of his fear is going to be there -- and in 21 seconds, his fears are going to be realised. Someone would shout at him on the street or be aggressive towards him. He would still continue to starve.

This is a hypothetical situation, but it only goes to show what panic attacks can do when one is in a desperate situation, and really needs a miracle from God directly, or through the people He sends, in order to pull him out of where he is. I am one of perhaps a fraction of people who go through similar things -- I have publicly declared on Newgrounds that I am an asylum seeker, and not only is there immense stigma from people around me, but my safety is not yet guaranteed -- and my panic attacks concentrate around these things.

The mind is hurt because there is always cause for it to be hurt.

When you're a victim of oppression and you suffer panic attacks as a result of said oppression, what is there to be done? I pray God that there may be a solution to all this. I'll be visiting a counsellor this coming Friday, AND seeking spiritual direction -- a two-pronged attack against Mr Stupid Panic Attack. Hopefully, in due time, we may be able to find a solution to the kind of panic attack which is not addressed.

While in my case, I am reminded of God's love through my fiancé, my parish priest and those closest to me, I can see that many people are kinda distant from it. Those of us who want to be His saints could use this sort of confirmation from other faithful. And those of us who don't know God or for some reason or other, are distant from him, could perhaps use this comfort to know that they are indeed loved, and the panic attack will not triumph against His love.

Overall, wonderful work -- I just hope that in an update to this, we may see what is to be done to help people who are suffering from panic attacks as a result of things that are constantly giving them hurt and insecurity. God bless you and your work.


While I really do not agree with using a mental health advocacy video to push religion, and I also do not agree with your decision to remove your previous works or your rationale behind that decision, I cannot in good conscience give a small score to a video that is actually very useful for anxiety attacks.

The technique presented, the 21 second count, is I suppose a good combination of rationalizing the situation and also application of a relaxation technique. These are more or less the main things that help overcome anxiety. There are several other techniques that one could try, but this is actually a really good ~7 minute video that applies and explains both. I don't completely feel alright with the downplaying of anxiety attacks and how debilitating they can actually be if left unchecked, but the video is otherwise a good but of self-help for anyone suffering from anxiety attacks.

The art and animation follow that distinct style you've always had, though I have to agree with some other comments that the quality is slightly less than your previous works. Maybe it was from being worn out after Fearless Fantasy, maybe it was from not practicing over some period of time, maybe it was just because you wanted to get this video out, maybe you didn't want to pump as much time into this feeling it would distract you from your faith, but whatever the reason, it could be better. Thus, the missing star.

Again, this has nothing to do with your talents, the quality of the video, or the good message from the first half, but I really, really don't feel right with using any kind of health promotion to push religion. Good health promotion and advocacy should be available to all regardless of race, creed, nationality, or socioeconomic status. You didn't really do anything like target any specific faith and speak against their beliefs or anything, but it... still doesn't sit right with me that you used this to push religion. That's just a personal opinion though, and we can agree to disagree on this point.

this was a great, sweet and very thought out animation. It should be very helpful to the people who still have anxiety. but I would like to address the fact that you removed all your other inspirational works. you see,originally when I was introduced to your animations it was an intention that I was going to scoff at the since they seemed awkward and even a bit pretentious. but after viewing them I saw that they really did have a lot of heart and a lot of sincerity put into them and since then I've been a fan of your work. I was blown away by your Leon the wolf live action, proving your ability to Direct and stage and shoot it was very professional. Then I was sincerely appreciative of all the effort you put into snow snow for Lucy. While your anatomy and your animation was still rough around the edges your story-telling and your heart was a sharp as ever. it always pains me to see when someone it removes that work from the grounds. Most of the time it's because they feel they're not being appreciated.. so at troubles me even more that you would think that some divine intelligence would be deem your work unworthy. I'm an atheist. but even I feel that there would be no God out there that would want their creation to squander the talents they gifted to them. Especially if those works were entertaining and inspiring to others. there's been plenty of times where I didn't feel like I will lift my stylus again and I've come back to your work several times and always been amazed by the amount of heart you put into them. I really hope you reconsider your decision. because calling your previous work "some meaningless crap" ,takes away the validity imposed by the people who feel your works are incredible.

Good message and i was following right up until you hit with the religion.

Not my thing.

It's always weird to see religious stuff creeping onto Newgrounds.

So were you recently born again or something? Since you just recently took down all your videos, did you have some kind of epiphany about what you wanted your work to be?

I really can't see that as a good thing. You've been taken in by a brainwashing scam.