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Reviews for "Overcome panic attacks!"

this is actualy realy good

SpikeVallentine responds:

Hey! Thank you for your appreciation and I give all the Glory to God!

Hey! This was great! Good to see you are still here, Spike! But what happened to your other videos? Snow Snow for Lucy was outstanding!

SpikeVallentine responds:

Hi, your answer and other questions may be answered in great detail in one of my recent news posts. "My last project. Goodbye."
Thank you for your appreciation, I give all the Glory to God! :)

Hey Andrew, its been awhile since I seen anyone that has that much faith in god and bold to be able to talk about it with full confidence that everything will be ok through the love of god. I really appreciated your video animations was cute and the message about anxiety and worry was very powerful and entertaining at the same time. and at the last minutes I love how you through that message on. because again there is soo much hate and ignorance in the world expecailly the internet. people forget about the love and appreciation. I am not here to preach because I love all religions and beliefs but my choice in the love of god and Jesus Christ gives me a big relief in seeing someone else to animate that message with love.

Thank you!

Wow bro, it has surely been such a long time since I've seen your works. I'm partially to blame since I haven't hung around long enough.

I saw this video and decided to watch it, it may have been no coincidence that I have caught this video by chance. I have also suffered and endured anxiety attacks even to this day. It is a life struggle, taking medication for it and even with missing a couple of days of taking them would send me on the deep end. My mother carries this same problem so we pretty much take the same meds and she is in her late 60s. I am still stuck in a position where a panic attack could easily choke the life out of me if I let it get to me. It also doesn't help that depression ties me down directly after.
With watching this video, I felt like it has filled a small piece of my heart that was missing. I was worried that something was going to pop out and scare me because how subtle the message was until you made references to the bible passages. I have once read those passages as well, whether it's to inspire confidence or fear because the Bible does scare me sometimes. lol

..huh, even in your description I see tips in staying mentally healthy. I want to say man, thank you with all of my heart for sharing this with us, for those who have fought the long fight that isn't there to begin with. Whether people do believe in God or not, this is the best blessing one could ask for. Confidence. At least for me it is.

This was absolutely amazing! I had no idea you were going to go into all that detail about God. It seemed weird how it seemed to be over at the halfway point. I am so glad that it went on, because it only got better. I also agree with you on this stuff about the panic attacks. I believe my brother has had them.

He also goes to God for comfort many times. It seems like almost everyone hates religion nowadays. I'm glad you at least did something different and it was something to give off a message of hope. God bless you and I mean that. You used so many songs and they were all so beautiful. It was just wonderful to watch this!