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Reviews for "Overcome panic attacks!"

Animation-wise, pretty solid. Not as fluid as your other works, which have vanished, but watchable and well-put-together.

I remember when you were pumped for Snow Snow for Lucy finally being released, so what happened? Where'd it go? Where'd the dream dance thing go, and where'd its original music vanish to?

What happened to your game, the one you were working on? Why? What? Why?

Regarding the message at the end, well, it was not animation, but a montage of flowers. The first half was all that was really needed from it, I think, but it's your work and can stand alone, with your thoughts behind it, with people's interpretations and so on, all at once.

It's always weird to see religious stuff creeping onto Newgrounds.

So were you recently born again or something? Since you just recently took down all your videos, did you have some kind of epiphany about what you wanted your work to be?

I really can't see that as a good thing. You've been taken in by a brainwashing scam.

Good message and i was following right up until you hit with the religion.

Not my thing.

Quite the amazing lead-in you put in there.
That was such good advice to handle anxiety or the other problems in our lives.
Never expected the second-half with the preaching of God's teachings though.
As a catholic-christian myself, I found this both informative and truly touching from a religious perspective. My advice, keep up the noble cause and never forget the true mission of Christ.

I was really excited about this video. good animation. good message. I ironically saw it soon after my own freak out. not quite a panic attack, it didn't go that far. but i saw this video and it was great. It looked like the message got through and I was going to try the whole 21 second thing too. and then he decided to make this about his God instead of being about helping others. I know Christianity and faith are great crutches for some people. but the second the Bible came up, I already knew what the real point of the video was. it wasn't to help anxiety attacks, It wasn't to be a friend. It was to take people in to a life of eternal happiness with our lord and savior. Why is that upsetting me you ask? What could possibly be wrong with wishing anxious people eternal happiness? I will tell you what's wrong. Christianity, no. Strong belief in some magical all curing force is the last. I WILL REPEAT! The last thing you should ever say to someone with anxiety like that. Anxiousness like that can bring you right to the cusp of taking your life and hearing that there is a force out there that knows about your problems, and can fix everything, but has just sat around and waited for you to come to it in your time of need, is a horrible thing to let someone in a panic attack know. If I could talk to the guy who made this, I would start by telling him that his animation was fantastic, the first half of the video present. *Ahem* let's avoid confusion here, the first 7 minutes and 45 seconds of this video presented a solid message that totally helped me and I am sure some other people too. Then I would slap him across his face for immediately cutting off all of the trust and support he just gave to viewers by trying to lay all of that wonderful inspiring hope on to a figure that no one going through an anxiety attack would ever solidly believe in. mentioning your religion whether you meant well or not, cut off all of the people that don't take their confidence from a religion and those people are usually the ones that suffer the most during anxiety because they support themselves. Your video helped support them too until they came across the part that sections this whole video off for non-believers. your faith and their eternal happiness can wait for another day. you destroyed the support they just found when you put in that extra 6 minutes and 16 seconds of preaching. I hope I never have to see something that harmful again. Your faith is fine. your first half is fine. your second half is fine. they are not fine together. you built up a trust with viewers and then you dropped half of them right back down, Probably putting them in an even worse position than before. keep your faith to the people that aren't dejected by it. panic attacks cause you to question things and God is definitely one of them. If you are having a panic attack, you don't care that God and his love are out there, you care that he hasn't come and tried to help when you really needed it. you don't care if he has a plan, you care that that plan apparently requires for you to go through a meat grinder. If you really wanted to help people, you would have released these as two separate videos. You can wish someone all of God's love and blessing, but when you tell them that it is the way they will get better, you are also letting them know that what they believe and are thinking isn't important, they just need to throw all of it away for your one-size fits all solution, someone you can't see can't touch, can't have a conversation with, and you wont meet them until after you die, is the person you have to put all of your trust in. I know it might sound harsh what I am saying to you, but you need to understand what you have apparently forgotten, panic attacks make you frantic. they make you question everything. they wont put blind faith in something. and blind faith is not what will help them if they didn't already have it before watching this video.