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Reviews for "Overcome panic attacks!"

While I really do not agree with using a mental health advocacy video to push religion, and I also do not agree with your decision to remove your previous works or your rationale behind that decision, I cannot in good conscience give a small score to a video that is actually very useful for anxiety attacks.

The technique presented, the 21 second count, is I suppose a good combination of rationalizing the situation and also application of a relaxation technique. These are more or less the main things that help overcome anxiety. There are several other techniques that one could try, but this is actually a really good ~7 minute video that applies and explains both. I don't completely feel alright with the downplaying of anxiety attacks and how debilitating they can actually be if left unchecked, but the video is otherwise a good but of self-help for anyone suffering from anxiety attacks.

The art and animation follow that distinct style you've always had, though I have to agree with some other comments that the quality is slightly less than your previous works. Maybe it was from being worn out after Fearless Fantasy, maybe it was from not practicing over some period of time, maybe it was just because you wanted to get this video out, maybe you didn't want to pump as much time into this feeling it would distract you from your faith, but whatever the reason, it could be better. Thus, the missing star.

Again, this has nothing to do with your talents, the quality of the video, or the good message from the first half, but I really, really don't feel right with using any kind of health promotion to push religion. Good health promotion and advocacy should be available to all regardless of race, creed, nationality, or socioeconomic status. You didn't really do anything like target any specific faith and speak against their beliefs or anything, but it... still doesn't sit right with me that you used this to push religion. That's just a personal opinion though, and we can agree to disagree on this point.

i recently developed anxiety, and came to think of this video when i first saw it years ago. i will try it out, but its a shame you've deleted your older work. now you dont really have anything to look back upon.

anyways, the animation were charming and fluid enough for its style and the music were complementing the topic and bringing out the scenery. why did i only give this 4 stars? well, half the vid was the topic that were in the title, the rest was religious things that kinda came out of nowhere and didnt really fit in here. i get that it was about peace, but for a person that is'nt religious, it felt kinda like out of nowhere.

get off of newgrounds with this garbage

"I didn't 'remove anything' specifically for this. I removed my previous works because we become what we behold and the content I had was not the greatest material to behold. I was convicted to remove them lest people waste their time with my meaningless and empty material that would blind them from matters that really matter; heavenly matters."

The problem is that you betrayed some of your old fans. I loved "Snow Snow For Lucy" and I thought it was an excellent piece of material. It wasn't meaningless. It had effort and time put into it and it was GOOD. It could have been used as a vehicle for people to look into your other content including this video right here. It was at the top of Newgrounds as one of the most popular videos on the site. People regularly go to this and watch the videos but now that it is gone not many people will happen upon this here video. Your message here is on much less eyes and a great piece of Newgrounds history was erased from the site. It saddens me because God would want you to live free and bring joy into the world. You can do this through other means than just spreading the message of God. God should love all creations made by his children. This site is a more bleak place now that "Snow Snow For Lucy" is gone. Don't take art out of the world Andrew, God would want you to fill it with your own creations because they're his creations too. This includes "Snow Snow For Lucy" and any of your other works. They're not nonsense.

I have nothing to say to you.