Reviews for "Down is Up"

I had alot of fun playing the game its always hard to play this type of game that changes your perspective. there are some bug issues with jumping i found i died more for the bug then the i would have with the puzzle when your running in your near the edge it does not jump acts as if i ran off the side instead

This is original and kept me playing! I like it. I had to think a lot and that is FUN! I wish I got medals though.

I loved the concept of this! <333 You should make more level's, though...

I dig this. It bends the brain a bit. The puzzles aren't particularly challenging but the mechanics of the game are solid. I would love to see a little animation with a sound effect when i die on the spikes. doesn't have to be anything fancy but an instant reset is a bit anticlimactic. The music gives this game a good flow. It feels very ephemeral. Keep the spacey feel when you do a cooler version. This seems like it could be the beginning of a really great game. Just needs a bit of polishing. I really like what I see so far.

Well, this game isn't too bad at all but, I think it's pretty monotonous.
I've played many games like this one here on Newgrounds but those games add some kind of little story about something. They're also boring, but thanks to the story you get motivated enough to keep playing. I may not get motivated playing this game because I know when I complete a level, next one will be very similar to the previous one.
Anyway mechanics are quite good though music is a bit annoying. I mean the music makes game even more boring. From the point of view of somebody with a good ear, the song is cool, pretty cool.