Reviews for "Down is Up"

Good Game.

Nice game.. Simplistic graphics to the point, smooth controls, the music isn't a distraction and it's fitting. Even the "controls reverse as you shift" isn't that much of a bother.

But why is it so easy? Nearly every level has only one direct route to be taken, it doesn't even allow you to make a mistake. Every level I was thinking "must be a long game, still tutorial levels" as I played, and suddenly... finished. I feel the game doesn't challenge the average puzzle lover at all.

That's why I felt the need to subtract 2.5 stars; this is a puzzle game which doesn't puzzle you at all. Controls may become a hindrance, getting used to the shifts from one end to the other may get you a couple times and then it's a breeze. I'd love to see much more challenging level designs.

Inversion responds:

There will be a post jam follow up on this.

I have less than 20 hours into this and have not had much time to do any updates, but I there will be a complete version done soon.

Thanks for the feedback!

this is an awesome game real cool i like how the emptyness is a way to get through the level

Well, i'll give it 3 stars, no less because it is reasonably polished, no more because there isn't anything noticeable.

But i have got a question... there was a special reason to bind the commands to the direction avatar is facing instead of the absolute direction of the arrows?
It's only my opinion and has no weight in my evaluation, you may say it is marginal and player gets accustomed after a couple switch, but i find it annoying exactly because difference in gameplay is minimal.

Nice Game!!!