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Reviews for "Down is Up"

I really don't like puzzle games that much but this one got a little addicting :)

This game is pretty funky, I like it. Stylized graphics, nice and simple, good music, and decent level design. The way the walls work with crates is great. And the concept isn't new, but it is treated in a fresh way, and I like that too.

Now for some less positive comments. To me, it is far more a platform game than a puzzle game. Levels feel just a little bit linear, and opportunities to cock up are scarce (but level design means opportunities to fix cock ups are always there, which is good). Personally I like being able to totally mess up a puzzle and have to restart.
I got a little annoyed with the gun and the spikes, because for me, part of the charm of a puzzle is simply getting lost in it (rather than avoiding danger). Danger can be fun, spikes are always nice, but I would really like the puzzle element to be played up more.

The controls are irritating. Really this game would benefit a lot from different control options. The obvious being non-relative controls. Rather than left and right being relative to the character, a system akin to north, south, east west, would be really nice (so the W key would always move me northwards i.e. to the top of the screen).
If you don't want to work on a new control system, then letting me jump with the down key or the s button, would be a good second best.

Obviously being a game jam game, there was a limit to what you could do in the time available. But what you've made is pretty sold and something I wouldn't mind seeing more of.

cool game, good colors scheme, nice music (repetitive enough to help me zone out but also subtle enough not to become irritating). i like the minimal graphics as well.
one thing i didnt like (pretty much my only complaint) - you shouldnt reverse left and right when the gravity is flipped. it makes it unnecessarily difficult to control the actor. in limbo, a puzzle platformer ive been playing recently, when gravity reverses left and right stay the same and the only change to controls is that the down key becomes jump. IMO that's probably the best way to deal with this, and can basically work the same way when the player is sideways. essentially the directional keys should be anchored to the surface you are standing on, not the character.
given that i've played a lot of puzzle platformers that utilize the same gravity mechanic you rely on in this game, it's hard to be incredibly entertained here given the plethora of alternatives which are less finicky. then again, i guess this is what i come to newgrounds for lol...
good work. keep it up

A good game and a fun puzzler.

There are a lot of things to like about this game, among those are: the game mechanic of manipulating gravity, a concept which harks back to games like Time Fcuk; the absence of artificial difficulty, i.e. no cheap tactics which make the game frustrating for the wrong reasons; a very straightforward objective not requiring extremely complex tutorials, it has that pick-up-and-play charm.

On the other hand, there are a few things I do not like as much. For one, the puzzles are not too challenging and they seem to take on a linear route. In fact for the first few levels the concept of failure was practically non-existent, and even in the levels when the spikes started popping up, there was not many obstacles which stop the player from reaching their goal. This game would benefit from red herrings, i.e. paths that seem to lead to the destination but actually don't. Please implement this in later stages to add a bit of a challenge and require more planning on the player's part. You may also want to add more enemies or more complex game mechanics! Some truly mind-bending levels would be appreciated.

solid, but it feels as though this concept was been donned by past puzzle platforms.