Reviews for "Hex Empires"

Hi long time fan talking, but when I first say this I was like say what? So I clicked on it to check it out. And damn you made it even more perfect than before. I like the addition of airports, and the fact that now if you lose your capital it doesn't mean a complete game over. It also makes the game more challenging and I like it. I hope you have a wonderful day and that you continue making great stuff.

This game is so good, but so hard. The AI is smart as hell.

Awesome and very fun game.
I really enjoyed playing against the AI, it's a very good and nasty ( In a good way ofcourse ) one.
Don't see any CONS to this game, I've been playing it for... * looks at time * holy crap for over 3 and a half hours O.O !!! Well 1 downside might be that it's very addictive :3 !
But I finally beat the game, conquered the world in 50 turns, now the EMPIRE OF TURQOISTAN shall rule forever and ever !
Now if you will all excuse me, I'll try and conquer the world with Amberica now!
Great game made by uun, amazing ! 10/10 would conquer again xD


I can't play the game due to Error: Could not embed this media. While I'm searching for what that means I'll mention to others that in every Hex-Empires game you AUTO-LOSE if your capital is conquered. You MUST protect your capital at the same time as advancing since the AI will drive straight for your capital in every game. I'm giving 5 stars since the first 2 Hex-Empires games were so awesome.