Reviews for "Hex Empires"

Too simplistic, while at the same time very chaotic. Cluttered interface, annoyingly "witty' writing, not to mention the obnoxious adverising for a paid version. I had a decent amount of fun with it, but I can't give it a higher score due to the game's many faults.

Lack of tutorial but not really hard to get into.

Hard to win though

uun responds:

There was tutorial in earlier versions but nobody ever have read it. Now you have hints, all the important information is there.

Interesting game, nice and simple gameplay. But as others have mentioned lacking a tutorial

No tutorial to speak of. I was playing a lengthy singleplayer game, and it was down to me and one other nation. But then suddenly all my cities blew up and it said I lost. I have no idea why that happened. Was there some lose condition I didn't know about? If you capture your enemy's capital, are they defeated? I don't understand at all.

A pretty impressive bit of strategical puzzle turnplay! Great interface, great game mechanics, visuals, sounds... really everything. It's a wholesome experience.