Reviews for "Hex Empires"

This game is so good, but so hard. The AI is smart as hell.

As a long time fan of the Hex series (still remember the hours I poured on the first one!) I have to say that this is a solid improvement over its predecessors. The graphics revamp is amazing, the AI is challenging, especially since it likes to pull off VERY sneaky raids on your undefended capital if you have pushed your troops too far.

The abilities are generally well thought out though I think the Pact can be improved a bit. As it is now it is extremely rare that your ally will betray you, so if you time it correctly you can have a huge "wall" protecting your flanks against the other enemies until you are ready to wipe the floor with them. Also, I couldn't find a way to break the pact myself and I had to wait for my ally to do so (which can take a LONG time), did I miss anything in the hints/tutorial?

There is one thing however, that for me sets the game back a bit: Morale. I remember in the first game, morale was a significant factor, with high morale armies easily being able to hold their own even if heavily outnumbered by lower morale enemies. I did not see that here. In fact, I didn't even notice there was any morale indicator right until the 50th time I hovered over a unit. Maybe it was a choice of game mechanics but I really want to see morale make a difference again.

All in all, as I said before, a solid improvement over the previous versions, but with room for improvement. Keep up the good work and thank you for giving us another Hex Empires!

I really liked the strategy, simple and obvious. The game description is a bit misleading, I thought it would be more about running a dictatorship (usually involving killing off competition inside the country rather than outside). A guide would be helpful, even if "no one" reads it since there were some things I did not understand on ~5 playtroughs, such as moving your capital or why/how my AA towers got blown to smithereens sometimes. Or how the AI has (appears to have?) so many more bombs than I do.

Also, there is really no "consequences" visible in the game. A population ticker could maybe do the trick.

good game had fun.

How do you move your flag??!!!?

Now, I played the one before this and in all honesty I would have been disappointed if it were easy. You thankfully kept that addicting degree of difficulty I loved. With a revamped set of graphics, new features, and some added countries. This game is well deserving, in my opinion, of 4.5 stars.