Reviews for "Sim Apocalypse"

Very slow game. Not sure what the companions are supposed to do, adding a tiny bit to weapons and skill, but mostly just eating all the food.

Blobzone responds:

Companions also add an "invisible amount" of weapons to your "Attack dmg".
About the speed issue. Yeah, you are right. Well, maybe i find a good way to speed everything up, although i can not guarantee that.

But all in all, i think the speed is kinda "ok". It is supposed to be a pure idler, and nothing really active. Although i have to admit that i maybe could be more interactive here and there.


I have never done a simulator game. Interesting concept, but this one is too random and the score is determined by luck.

I Got Attacked By Aliens In ONe Bloddy Hit

The game itself is really interesting but there should be more interactive elements added. Also, I was really looking forward to getting the higher badges but my progress didn't save after I left the game! That should be fixed in my opinion as well. Good job!

Not bad, but there´s like like no interaction at all, the music is OK, but the game gets boring pretty fast.

P.D. Why everybody tries to kill me?, i´m such a douche?