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Reviews for "Sim Apocalypse"

Simulation yes, perhaps if I like looking at bars filling up listening to music... With out a fast forward button or more interactive ganders I can't even show this to my friends with out feeling like I'm letting my life die away with out any real given fun too it. A poor rating due to this very nature: It's a nice simulation... but, I prefer my simulations to have far more interactive quality then simply throwing in a few numbers then watching hours of just very little things happening in front of me.

add a mute button and a music button - making the player choose at the start of the game is a bit much when we havent had a chance to see if we like the music (and tbh it came on way too strong - think about maybe adding some slower more ominous music like what they have in pandemic, for instance, then building up to more intense music when the game gets a little more momentum)
for some reason the game glitched out and kept popping back to the first screen where u roll for ur vehicle, weapons, etc
some of this stuff is rly funny, tho. socks with sandals are my jam
i get that a lot of people are into idle games nowadays (which i dont relate to but its fine w/e), but i feel like this could have a little more interaction involved. maybe a few decisions as to what region you head out towards or whether u want to hole up in ur shelter, etc.... maybe u could choose to accept or leave followers, weapons, etc.
basically i want this to be oregon trail and it's not oregon trail and i tried to download oregon trail but its not compatible with win8 and i cant find a good emulator and im really upset ok i just need a minute to clear my mind

Blobzone responds:

Hey, how dare you!

No, just kidding. Well yes, the music could have been darker/slower, but i think the track is pretty good. Alternatively you can mute it and open something more suitable ;)

Ok, it can happen that the game glitches sometimes, although i didnt experience anything like that.

Considering the part about active gameplay elements i totally agree with you. The game lacks any kind of interactivity, but actually that is kind of what i aimed for. It is a pure idle game, if you want to see it that way.

But the ideas you bring up actually sound kind of nice.

Thanks for the rating and comment though.


Clint Eastwood joined my group....I love it

Nice game!

Great game