Reviews for "Sim Apocalypse"

Fun idle game through bit more visual support would be welcome. Like it is now /w no visuals, it invites you to AFK asap! :p
...and a QUIT or RESTART button.

Companion: Putin. Nothing and nobody will stop him from surviving the Apocalypse!

.... Win.

5 stars for the holy hand granade

Very nice idle game, actually amusing unlike the others.

Simulation yes, perhaps if I like looking at bars filling up listening to music... With out a fast forward button or more interactive ganders I can't even show this to my friends with out feeling like I'm letting my life die away with out any real given fun too it. A poor rating due to this very nature: It's a nice simulation... but, I prefer my simulations to have far more interactive quality then simply throwing in a few numbers then watching hours of just very little things happening in front of me.