Reviews for "Sim Apocalypse"

and a suicide button plis, haha, yeah sound crazy i know, but i was lucky and got a good random, but... now i canĀ“t end the game, and get the medals, because no one can kill me lol

skilled camper at work here... my companions started to outpace my ability to gather food for them for a while in the middle... nothing can touch me militarily as I am at 5k weaons as I approach day 134, but my 4 leaf clover is prevailing. We are up to 80 companions in a moment and are starting to somehow gain food, at 1500 now. The numbers are not balancing.. things can tip either way... just waiting for I'm guessing 3 hours now for all human but me to die. Interaction should be nice, but a successful game is just waiting, makes losing quickly more interactive. Planet of the Apes total victory in progress.

So far I love this game, besides the waiting, please add at least a speed up button.

The fun part of this game is rolling to see the combinations. The waiting part is not so fun because it's waiting, but I had some fun regardless.

A game revolved around the roll feature would improve the pacing. You would have to add a lot more pictures but it makes for a more engaging game. also, adding unlocks, levels, and permanent upgrades would encourage the player to keep going.

I don't think medals are working, but the pop culture refs are amusing.